The week 5 name of Berry Sweet Names is Sunday Charm. To participate in the project, follow these steps:

  1. Create your sim (or pet).
  2. Take pictures of your sim.
  3. Post your sim on tumblr. Tag it berrysweetnames
  4. Check back to eventually see your sim reblogged and collected on this blog.

Note: There will not be any guidelines except for the actual name posted. Your sim can be of any gender and of any color as long as you think it fits the actual name. You can consider the name both as two first names (double name) or as first name and surname, as you please. It is also okay to give the sim a separate surname.

You are welcome to make your sim downloadable. If you decide to do so, make sure to include links to possible CC in your post. 

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Mystic River has the unstable trait. It’s quite funny. XD

16 — 2 days agoreblog

Still considering Mint Chip her best friend.

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Mystic River Ribbon: Brave | Hot-Headed | Unstable

7 — 2 days agoreblog

Birthday girl!

9 — 2 days agoreblog

This is Bonsai, Hickory and Claret’s son.

8 — 2 days agoreblog

Welcome to the world, little Goji Ribbon.

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8 — 2 days agoreblog

Baby bump watch. <3

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Hickory and Claret’s daughter, Appletini, came over as a child to celebrate her cousin’s birthday.

8 — 3 days agoreblog

Mhm, looking good!

10 — 3 days agoreblog

Riptide is a teenager!

Riptide Ribbon: Genius | Clumsy | Computer-Whiz | Unlucky

10 — 3 days agoreblog

It was time for Riptide’s birthday and Confetti invited her friend Rue over. Apparently, Rue had recently aged up herself and was now a teenager. She seemed to think Mystic River was cool, because she just wouldn’t play with Confetti no more, she only had eyes for the toddler.

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